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Welcome to the Forton Associate Programme

At Forton we work with carefully-selected associates: all experts in their field.  We call this our Global Footprint Programme, which selects people for their -

  • Leadership and organisational experienceGlobal Footprint
  • Subject-matter expertise
  • Facilitative approaches to leadership development
  • Coaching skills
  • Recognised and accredited training
  • Commitment to continuous professional development

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To find out more contact us at info@thefortongroup.com

To complete your Global Footprint Inventory

If you are a coach, consultant, facilitator or trainer who has been invited to join the Global Footprint project, welcome!

  • To register and complete your Global Footprint - Skills and Experiences Inventory use the URL provided in your welcome email.
  • If you have registered and wish to access the Skills and Experiences Inventory Log In and access via the Learning Centre tab.